We specialise in bringing product concepts to life. Prototyping, pre production and manufacturing ready electronics. 

Some of our recent projects and activities. 




IC12 have patented a unique method of focusing clustered LED arrays to deliver clean, even lighting and huge efficiency gains. This lensing method is compact, highly accurate and cost effective. 


We have extensive experience designing professional lighting products for photography, film, broadcast and industrial applications. We have developed and released product both under our own brand and as licensed concepts and designs.



IC12 have recently moved into the commercialisation of cutting edge sound technologies in conjunction with our technology partner Involve Audio. IC12 are breaking new ground in consumer audio affordability and high end audio performance.

Designed for protability, versitility and control.


By drawing from super-bright LED technologies, The LED Light Cube not only emits a high quality light but there is no recycle time between flashes. This means it will out-perform any camera or radio trigger in the market.Despite its small size, The LED Light Cube offers photographers incomparable control over the output of light, The Cube can ‘freeze time’ at speeds of up to one eight-thousands (1/8000) of a second. At the other end of the scale The LED Light Cube can flash for up to 1 second.




The Qubie is small, bright and rugged.


The Qubie™ LED Micro Light is the one little light you really need! Delivering a whopping 1,500 Lumens @ 5,600 Kelvin and 92 CRI. The perfect partner for the avid photographer.

If you like to do other things with lighting, such as communicate, entertain or control smart devices the Qubie delivers unparalleled options. Designed for maximum versatility, the Qubie is small, bright and rugged little light that sticks to almost anything.  Includes a built-in magnet, rear suction cup and a bottom tripod mount.




Huge energy savings can be delivered through led cluster Lensing


The lensing  and lighting control systems of LED's are critical factors in increasing their lifetime and increasing the efficiencies of the devices. 

As an example IC12 recently demonstrated that through the retrofitting of custom lensing to an unlensed 150 watt highbay factory light the same amount of light output can be delivered to the target area for only 80 watts of power, delivering over 40% in energy savings and directing the light where it should go.  



Style and Sophistication


Expanse Speakers is a complete audio system featuring electrostatic speakers, subwoofer and amplifier. Perfect for gamers and audiophiles, the electrostatic speakers deliver expansive, “room filling” sound and super-low distortion. The result is bigger, fuller, crisper and clearer sound.

Delivering phenomenal sound quality and performance Expanse Speakers have been designed to bring a new level of style and sophistication to your home. In partnership with a leader in electrostatic speakers and sound performance we have developed an affordable and easy to install system which will enhance your listening experience without adding layers of technology, wiring or speaker placement.