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Innovative product development

Specialists in LED lighting

Patent Pending Lensing and LED lighting controllers

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Product Designing

IC One Two is an Innovative product development company specialising in delivering new generation lighting products for the photographic and consumer electronic markets.

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Prototyping & PreProduction

We work on the fine details and logistics requirements to get a product ready for market. Approvals, testing, manufacturability and cost considerations are all part of the process.

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Responsive Designs

IC One Two designs, develops and manufactures all products in Australia at the highest standards but with strong to maintain competitive pricing.

Featured Projects

Most Popular of Our Works.

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The Qubie

A bluetooth LED light for photography, video or to light the way.

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LED Light Cube

High powered flash and video light for professional and enthusiast photographers.

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App Controlled Devices

The Hardware and Software interaction of Bluetooth and Wifi controlled devices.

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Custom Lens Development

Advanced LED lens designs and developments based on Patent Pending Technologies.